• March 1, 2023

Muthoot Finance – A Complete Guide on Gold Loan at Home

Gold Loan

Customers today expect more in everything; the products they buy, the activities they partake in, the investments they make, and the loans they take. Muthoot Finance, with decades of experience in serving customers, has established new benchmarks when it comes to providing financial services. As India’s most trusted financial services brand*, Muthoot Finance always strives to provide its customers with the best products and customer experience. Our new initiative, Gold Loan@Home service, is an endeavour in the same direction.

There has been a paradigm shift in customer expectations in recent years. Instead of aligning with rigid offerings, they now seek products and services that are a one-stop solution, those with optimum convenience in all aspects. Such a customer-centric approach is appreciated by the customers, helps build their confidence in the brand, and turns them into brand advocates.

What is Gold Loan@Home service?

Among the top gold loan companies in India, Muthoot Finance has been providing people with gold loans for several decades now. With the Gold Loan @Home service, customers can now avail gold loans right from the convenience of their homes. It takes only 30 minutes for a representative from Muthoot Finance to get in touch with you regarding the request for a gold loan. Everything starting from gold evaluation to documentation and loan amount transfer is completed within the comfort of your home according to the time you have chosen.

Muthoot Finance also ensures the utmost privacy when you choose to get a Gold Loan @Home. Therefore, complete discretion is maintained when disbursing these gold loans at home. Additionally, Muthoot Finance ensures that the pledged gold items are transported and stored securely.

Advantages of Using the Gold Loan @Home Service

Muthoot Finance has introduced the Gold Loan @Home service to extend greater convenience to its customers. The service combines the best of technology and simplified processes to create a cohesive gold loan product that you can avail without having to step out of the house. The Gold Loan @Home service from Muthoot Finance offers the following benefits: –

1) High Loan Amount

When you decide to pledge your gold articles while availing this doorstep gold loan, the assigned executive will assess the value for your gold to order the maximum loan amount against it. This helps you to address any planned or emergency financial needs and have enough reserves to cover any additional requirements.

2) Gold insurance at No Extra Cost

After registering for and availing a gold loan at home from Muthoot Finance, the gold items being pledged are insured as a value-add to the customer. Doing so helps Muthoot Finance in keeping the pledged gold secured against any kind of damage or any other issues while they are being transported or stored.

3) Variety of Loan Options on Offer

Another benefit of this gold loan at home service is that you can choose from a range of gold loan schemes for the best financial solution that meets your needs. Furthermore, the interest rates on Muthoot Finance gold loans have also been kept very competitive.

4) No Hidden Charges

At the time of getting the Gold loan @home for gold, there are no hidden charges due to which it becomes easy to pay off the loan amount in instalments.

5) Choose How the Loan Amount is Disbursed

With the help of this service, you can either choose to get the entire amount in full or in part according to your needs and requirements.

6) Instant Credit of Loan Amount

Once all the procedures and documents needed to process the Gold Loan @Home service has been verified, the loan amount is deposited into your bank account within a short time.

7) Pre- and Part-Repayments

Based on your financial inflow, you can pay off a part or the entire amount of your gold loan at any point during the tenure as well.

8) Availability of Digital Payment Options

When it comes to repaying the doorstep gold loan you’ve availed, Muthoot Finance has several different payment options on offer. You can repay the loan through digital payment methods like UPI and net banking, among others.

Covering almost 50 locations all over India, irrespective of where you are residing in India, the Gold Loan @Home facility is an extremely helpful way of ensuring that you get the loan amount. Once you have filled up the necessary details for the Gold Loan @Home facility, you can get a loan against gold articles in a relatively short time and without any hassles. Avail a gold loan at your doorstep today with Muthoot Finance!


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