At Muthoot Finance, we are committed to offering the best of services to our customers. With the Gold Loan@Home service, we offer our customers the flexibility of availing a gold loan at the comfort and privacy of their home. The starting range of our gold loan is ₹ 100,000 and there is no maximum limit set, giving customers the ease of availing the loan according to their needs. While we offer instant loan disbursement to the customer’s bank account or give instant cash up to ₹ 2 lakh; we also offer easy loan repayment options, keeping the convenience of our customer’s in mind.

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Repayment of Loan

Customers can pay the loan online through a range of digital payment services including Gold Loan@Home mobile application and WebPay facility. The tenure of repayment depends on the scheme that the customer chooses. However, the minimum tenure of the gold loan repayment is 7 days and the maximum tenure ranges from 12 months to 36 months, based on the scheme.

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Partial or Part Repayment

  • At Muthoot Finance, we also offer part repayment facility. Customers can make a part payment of the loan along with the interest charged*.
  • The amount can be paid online using the Gold Loan@Home mobile application.
*For exampleif the gold loan borrower has availed a loan of ₹ 1 Lakh for 3 months, he/she can pay an interest of say 20 days and an additional amount of ₹ 10,000 which will be considered as part payment of the loan. The amount is adjusted from the principal amount and further, interest will be charged only on the remaining amount of ₹ 90,000.

Digital Services that Customers can Avail

  • Gold Loan@Home  Mobile App
    Gold Loan@Home
    Mobile App
  • Aadhaar Card  Enabled E-KYC
    Aadhaar Card
    Enabled E-KYC
  • WebPay Facility
    WebPay Facility
  • Muthoot Digital
    Muthoot Digital

Benefits of Availing Gold Loan At home Service

  • muthoot doorstep gold loan service
    Doorstep gold
    loan service
  • instant money transfer
    Instant money
  • at home gold jewellery evalution
    At-home gold jewellery evaluation
  • gold loan interest rate icon
    Lowest interest
  • muthoot gold loan scheme icon
    A comprehensive
    range of schemes
  • 100% safety assured
    100% safety
  • safe gold custody
    Strong rooms for
    the safe custody of
    gold ornaments
  • 24x7 customer service
    24×7 customer
    service facility

Customers can check for their gold loan eligibility and other details of the gold loan in the loan policy section. They can also avail the benefit of using the gold loan calculator to check for the loan amount that will be sanctioned based on their gold ornament or the net weight of gold jewellery required for the desired loan amount. To know more, click here!

Gold Loan Repayment

If you are in need of some funds then applying for a personal loan is the best option. You can use the money to do many things such as pay off outstanding debts, pursue further education or get married. At Muthoot Finance we understand the needs of our customers. We offer personal loans with lower interest rates for all our customers. The best part is that you need very little documentation for the loan to apply for a personal loan. Not only that, the Muthoot Finance personal loan takes very little time to get processed. It is the best solution to take care of your financial needs when in need of some money in a short span of time.

We offer our customers multiple payment options to pay off the loan amount. At Muthoot Finance, you can also request changes in your loan tenure to make it easier for you to pay off the loan amount.

Loan payment for Muthoot Finance’s at Home loan services can be made using the Equated Monthly Instalment (Monthly Interest Payment) option. This way, customers can pay a fixed amount every month to pay off their loan amount. Apart from that, customers also have the option to pay the interest upfront or after paying the principal loan amount. Not only that, but customers can also request a change in the repayment tenure of their Muthoot Finance at home gold loan.

Availing a Doorstep Gold Loan is Now Simple.

Muthoot Finance offers the best gold loans at low interest rates. You can choose from a wide variety of options when it comes to applying for a gold loan. At Muthoot Finance, you can find the most suitable gold loan at home option that suits your unique needs. We make sure that you have a completely hassle-free experience when availing a gold loan from the comfort of your home from Muthoot Finance.

Your Gold is Completely Safe and Secure with Muthoot Finance.

We understand the importance of your gold. This is the reason why we provide a specialized safe room with CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of your gold items.

We’ve Made Gold Loan Repayment Easy with the Gold Loan@Home app.

At Muthoot Finance, our customers are our number one priority. We make sure that they don't face any inconvenience when paying their loan amount. Customers can make a partial payment to pay their Muthoot gold loan. Not only that, but customers can also use the Gold Loan@Home mobile application to pay off their loan amount. In case of a partial payment, customers can pay part of their loan amount along with the Muthoot gold loan interest payment. Gold Loan@Home mobile application can be used to make payments online without having to visit the branch. Customers can also use the mobile application to keep track of their payments and loan tenure. Apart from that, there are other online payment modes for Muthoot Finance doorstep gold loans, such as WebPay Facility.

Any questions

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Additional Faqs
Frequently Asked Questions

If you get stuck somewhere

Do I need to repay the entire loan amount or just the interest on it?

Your loan repayment would include the principal loan amount and the interest that is levied on this loan amount. We constantly strive to offer our customers with a hassle-free experience and the best of services. With the ‘Gold Loan@Home’ service, you are eligible to get a gold loan at the lowest rate. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us.

What is the tenure for the repayment?

Keeping the convenience of our customers in mind, we offer flexible tenure options that our customers can select from. There are different schemes that range from 6-months tenure to 12-months and more. It also depends on the loan amount that you request for and the interest rate levied on it.

What is part-payment of the loan? Is the same available with the ‘Gold Loan@Home’ service?

A part-payment (repayment) of the loan means repaying a portion of the borrowed amount before the tenure. There is no fixed amount for this. However, this amount is higher than the interest amount for the particular month. Part-payment of the loan helps in reducing the tenure, giving you some additional benefits.

Yes, with the ‘Gold Loan@Home’ service, you can avail the part-payment or part repayment facility at your convenience. For further queries, please fill the callback form; our executive will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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