How does the loan approval happen?

After you raise an instant gold loan request using the ‘Loan@Home’ service, one of our executives visit your house. The evaluation of gold, e-documentation, KYC verification, and other processes are done by our loan executive at your home. After that, the loan amount will be disbursed to your bank account. Rest assured, our executive will take your leave only once you receive the loan amount.

What are the loan disbursement options available with the ‘Loan@Home’ service?

With us, the loan disbursement takes place instantly and the amount is directly transferred to your bank account. Since the entire loan transfer procedure takes place at the comfort and privacy of your home in your presence, there is 100% transparency. You can raise a loan request by giving us a missed call or via the ‘Loan@Home’ mobile application.

Can the amount be transferred to the credit card?

No, the requested loan amount is transferred directly to your bank accounts. With credit cards, mobile wallets, and so on, there are chances of payments getting stuck due to server failure or similar issues. Since customer satisfaction is a priority for us, we do not want our customers to face any hassles with their gold loan. Hence, as part of our security protocols, we transfer the amount to the bank account. 

Can I transfer my loan from my existing lender? If yes, what is the procedure?

Yes, you can transfer your gold loan from the existing lender to your new gold loan account at Muthoot Finance Limited (MFL).

To shift your existing gold loan, you don’t have to arrange for the current due amount. All you have to do is share the pledge form of your existing gold loan and we will help you shift it to your MFL account. Along with this, customers who are transferring their gold loan from other financers to our account can avail all the benefits that MFL offers.